April 27, 2017
by CONSURCO Marketing Team


The city of Meridian, Idaho is growing and so is their biggest high school: Meridian High. Consurco was selected as the commercial flooring contractor by the good folks at CM Company to polish over 10,000 sq. ft. of concrete floors for this school’s latest expansion under the direction from the talented people at Hummel Architects.

For consistency and the desire to balance the various flooring options used in the school (carpet tile, VCT, etc.), Hummel chose to go with a concrete polish that had a high LRV and salt and pepper finish. This flooring option was cost efficient, made the most of the natural lighting in the area, and perfectly accentuated the other flooring.


Our concrete polish projects always go smoothest (pun intended) when we get involved in the design phase with the architect and concrete contractor. Once we know the aesthetic or level of concrete exposure the architect is looking for, we partner with the concrete contractor to ensure the concrete pour and troweling are done in a way that we can deliver the desired look with the most efficiency and minimal material waste. In this case, we requested a fuzz finish from the concrete contractor. This shaved a day off of their labor costs and saved us exorbitant labor and materials.

Originally the concrete floor was spec’d to have a 1/2” grind. With this heavy of a grind, you get a highly reflective surface and a beautiful exposure of the large aggregate within in the concrete. It’s best to perform this deep of a grind before any walls go up.

If the walls are already up, rooms are left with awkward sections that are raised up in each of the room’s corners. Not even the smallest of grinders can fix this. On this project, the walls went up before we were able to start grinding the concrete floor. We brought this to the attention of the architect early on and ultimately they decided for a 1/8” grind.

The finished project was a beautifully reflective, salt and pepper polished concrete floor that is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Despite the unpredictability of concrete, this job went remarkably smooth.


Market Segment: Education

Project Name: Meridian High Expansion

Project Location: Meridian, Idaho

Project Size: Over 10,000 Sq Feet of Polished concrete and Ceramic Carpet on stairways


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