Jet Hangar Concrete Coatings

May 23, 2017
by CONSURCO Marketing Team
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A large corporation with an expanding fleet of corporate jets needed a new larger capacity hangar at the Boise Airport. Their in-house architect/design group partnered with Petra, Inc. (the General Contractor) to erect this new, state-of-the- art airplane hangar for both plane storage and maintenance. No hangar would be complete without an equally beautiful and tough concrete coating system. Knowing the level of technical knowledge, quality, and attention to detail expected on this project, Petra made a call to their trusted concrete coating company, Consurco.

With over 20+ years of concrete coatings installation experience, Consurco has amassed a portfolio of similar successful aircraft storage and maintenance hangars for both military and commercial clients throughout the Western United States.

One of the biggest challenges with installing resinous flooring in new construction is addressing the concern of high moisture content with a newly poured, thick concrete foundation, and a tight installation schedule. The original hangar coating design/spec had an epoxy and urethane system, with limited tolerance for concrete moisture. Prior to commencing work, the Consurco team did a site condition assessment to evaluate moisture content in the new concrete, concrete surface profile, joint placement, joint fill design, metal embeds, trenches, as well as the transition areas between administrative rooms to the hangar and hangar to the apron.

Nothing was out of the ordinary. Except for the elevated moisture levels in the concrete. This wasn’t surprising due to the thickened nature of the hangar floor concrete slab. A moisture tolerance cementitious urethane primer/base coat was utilized to mitigate any concerns and serve as a moisture barrier with an added benefit of minimizing damage from impacts.

Then we added two coats of epoxy to help level the floor and provide a luminous aesthetic. From there, we added the protective urethane topcoats. We knew we could make these floors sing with additional coats of polyurethane. So that’s what we did. With the two additional top coats of polyurethane, these floors have a brilliance and shine that beautifully complement the gorgeous planes that rest safely on top of them. We also enhanced the walk aisles with a slip-resistant texture and a crisp transition edge.  


Market Segment: Commercial / Transportation / Aviation

Project Location: Idaho

Project Size: 15,305 sq. ft.

Date of Installation: 2016

Client Request: Coating system to protect concrete floor, provide ease of cleaning, and provide high reflectivity to enhance the visual appeal of aircraft when stored in the hangar

Delivered Outcome:

- Seamless high build coating system; Moisture tolerance over “green/new” thickened concrete slab

- Chemical Resistance top coats to protect against jet fuel, rubber tire marks, oils, and cleaning products

- Slip resistant texture in walk aisles to improve safety

- Brilliant white high gloss finish for a beautiful showroom appearance

Process: Prep method - Shot blasted to obtain required CSP (ICRI standard for Concrete Surface Profile) & prep/fill joints

System: Muli-coat cementitious urethane, epoxy & urethane top coat

Duration: 2 weeks

Challenges – This hangar was newly constructed. The tight coatings installation schedule only permitted a month for the concrete slab to cure. When our concrete coatings installers showed up on the job site, the moisture level was still too high for conventional coatings. We had to add cementitious urethane as a mitigating moisture system to ensure the proper bonding of the additional epoxy and polyurethane coatings.


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