Remodeled Veterinary Clinic Modernizes Concrete Flooring

July 26, 2016
by CONSURCO Marketing Team


A Veterinary Clinic in San Leandro, California was looking to remodel their facility. Their tile flooring had visible signs of wear and needed to be removed. When you provide the highest standard of animal care, your floors and walls must be designed so that they will not harbor bacteria and can stand up to the harsh cleaning chemicals used to sanitize them.

This Veterinary clinic working with Bay Area Builders put out a request for bid to the handful flooring contractors who are on Dur-A-Flex's list of preferred concrete coatings installers. The timeline set for this project was one week. Based on our excellent reputation for speedy and precise installation, we were awarded the job.



The first challenge of this job was to remove the old carpet, tile, and linoleum from the half-century old building. Once the top layer was removed, then came the real challenge - Resurfacing the 50+ year-old concrete to prepare it for epoxy coatings. This concrete slab had control joints over a half inch wide. To get a seamless floor, the control joints needed to be completely filled and re-cut. After that was done, everything else was a piece of cake.

At the beginning of the floor removal process, decisions were made to use more premium materials in the epoxy floor coating process. Thankfully, we have an excellent relationship with Dur-A-Flex and they expedited what we needed. We received the premium concrete epoxy and quickly installed it. This project was completed in less than one week. As you can see, the pictures speak for themselves!



Market Segment: Health Care / Veterinary Clinic

Project Location: San Leandro, CA

Project Size: 3,285 sq. ft. 140 ln ft. of cove base

Date of Installation: 2016

Prep method – Mechanical Prep with Planetary Grinders

System –  Dur-A-Flex’s Accelera HC 3/16” Cementitious Urethane Base with a Double Broadcast of Multi-Colored Chips into Accelera.

Cove – Yes – 140 linear ft. of 6” cove base

Duration – 6 days

Transitions – Terminated at ceramic tile in doorways

Challenges – The existing concrete slab was old with large tooled control joints, holes/divots and remaining tile grout in areas that had previous ceramic tile.




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