The Perils of DIY Concrete Coatings

October 19, 2016
by CONSURCO Marketing Team


For concrete coatings of secondary containment systems to have a long lifespan and perform as intended, they have to account for many variables. The idea of a secondary containment system is to hold back all of the potentially toxic and highly corrosive liquid in a reservoir in case it spills, overflows, or leaks from its primary container.

Before the first application of cementitious urethane or epoxy goes down in a secondary containment system, you must adequately prepare the concrete surface. After that preparation, you will need to make damn sure that the temperature and moisture level have been accounted for. As in this case, you may end up throwing away your child’s first year of college tuition to the tune of $20K+.

Trying to save money, the property owner went down to the local hardware store and bought a concrete epoxy. On the label, it said it had “Extreme Chemical Resistance against Sulfuric Acid - 98%”. After troweling it on the concrete as directed, he quickly found out this option was not going to work. In less than one month, the epoxy coating had completely failed. Exposing the acid directly to the concrete.

Who knows what happened here? Maybe the product was expired. Maybe the concrete had excessive moisture when the epoxy system was put down. Maybe it was bad luck. Whatever the case, this epoxy floor coating only lasted a month! It’s safe to say they did not get their $20,000 worth.

At the end of the day, the piece of mind and contractual security of hiring a professional floor coatings installer is worth the cost. Trying to coat the concrete yourself may result in one very expensive, time-consuming, headache-inducing disaster.

If you are considering trying to protect your concrete in your commercial or industrial facility, we are happy to provide you a plethora of concrete enhancement options that will be guaranteed to last!


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