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CONSURCO  [ kon-sir-ko  kän-sər-ko CONcrete SURface COmpany Definition: A west coast-based specialty contractor focused on installation technologies designed to protect, enhance, restore, and rehabilitate the surface of concrete floors, walls, and structures. Our approach to client’s infrastructure/facilities can be thought of in the following three ways: New Construction - provide sustainable solutions that provide clients lasting value Existing Infrastructure - rehabilitate with resilient, valued solutions Out of Use Infrastructure - devise solutions for adaptive reuse and achieve new value.

What Our Clients Have Come to Expect From CONSURCO

1. We are a national floor and wall coating installers with a local focus. 2. Rather than being an architect/engineer or manufacturer or installer, we are a solution provider. 3. We are seldom the low-cost provider, but we are always the high-quality performance guarantee provider. 4. We respect our client’s time = Rapid response and delivery 5. Quality, certified and trained personnel/expertise. 6. We are continually striving to bring innovative solutions and processes to market. 7. PreQual – We have an excellent safety record. We are fully bonded with comprehensive insurance.

How We Deliver on Our Promises:

The leadership of our business development and field teams have over 20+ years of experience installing specialty coatings for every application in every industry you could ever imagine.

Location of offices -  We have offices in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington where we can quickly mobilize to anywhere in the Western United States.

We have long track record established best business practices. We are proud of our partnerships with the following trade associations:

ACI - American Concrete Institute
ICRI - International Concrete Repair Institute
NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers
PMI - Project Management Institute
SSPC - The Society for Protective Coatings
AGC - Associated General Contractors