Concrete Repair & Restoration Services

For over two decades, Consurco has been a leader in structural concrete repair for floors and walls. Our experienced team excels in addressing a wide range of concrete issues, from correcting flaws in initial pours to managing wear and tear.

We specialize in fixing concrete affected by adhesive residues, restoring damaged surfaces, and repairing warped or displaced slabs. No matter the complexity of your structural concrete problems, we have the expertise to provide solutions.

Our diligent teams are skilled in removing coatings or contaminants and meticulously preparing concrete surfaces for the seamless application of new coverings, coatings, or polishing, ensuring effective structural repairs.

What Types of Concrete Can Consurco Repair?

Consurco's expertise extends to the repair of an extensive spectrum of concrete surfaces, serving sectors from industrial warehouses and commercial retail to sophisticated office environments, essential parking infrastructures, and specialized food processing units.

We can easily handle a multitude of concrete challenges, such as structural cracks, surface degradation, leveling issues, and moisture-induced damages, prioritizing the restoration of both the site's operational integrity and safety standards. Our skill set includes the delicate task of decorative concrete repairs, where we meticulously balance the preservation of structural soundness with the maintenance of visual aesthetics, ensuring every repair enhances the overall durability and appearance of the space.

Cement Repair Systems:

  • Rapid Turnaround Epoxy & Urethane Repair Systems
  • Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Mortar
  • Cementitious & Resinous based self leveling underlayment and patchwork

CSI Codes

  • 02 00 00 Existing Conditions
  • 03 00 00 Concrete
  • 07 00 00 Thermal and Moisture Protection
  • 09 00 00 Finishes
  • 13 00 00 Special Construction
  • 32 00 00 Exterior Improvements

What Is the Surface Preparation Process?

The surface preparation process is critical to the success of any concrete repair project, forming the foundation for durable and long-lasting restoration work. 

At Consurco, we employ a rigorous approach to surface preparation, utilizing advanced techniques such as diamond grinding, shot blasting, and scarifying or shaving. These methods are meticulously applied to clean, level, and remove any deteriorated or damaged concrete, ensuring an optimal surface for the subsequent repair and restoration stages. 

Beyond basic preparation, our process involves a thorough evaluation and treatment of underlying issues like moisture presence or structural instability, guaranteeing a comprehensive solution that extends the lifespan and resilience of the concrete surface.

Surface Preparation & Profiling Equipment:

  • Diamond Grinding
  • Scarifying / Shaving
  • Shot Blasting
  • Cutting & Hammering for concrete and rebar removal

How Does Consurco Work on Structural Strengthening?

Structural strengthening stands at the core of our repair services, focused on fortifying concrete structures to endure future demands and environmental stresses. Our approach incorporates cutting-edge techniques such as form and pump methodologies, along with the strategic application of fiberglass and carbon fiber for inlay reinforcement and overlays. 

These methods significantly enhance the structural integrity of concrete, preparing it to withstand increased load, wear, and environmental conditions. At Consurco, we're committed not just to restoring the concrete's appearance but to ensuring its enduring strength and stability, extending the service life of the structure and safeguarding its utility and safety for years to come.

Structural Strengthening via:

  • Form and Pump
  • Fiberglass & carbon fiber inlay reinforcement
  • Fiberglass & carbon fiber overlays
  • Rebar placement

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