Containment Coatings

Containment Coatings

At Consurco, we specialize in installing protective coatings that safeguard primary and secondary containment areas. Our expert team is equipped to apply specialty resinous coatings, including epoxy and polyurethane, to floors, walls, and containment areas—ensuring the protection of your people and facility.

Generally speaking, primary containment is the first container in direct contact with the solid, liquid, or gas. It serves as a holding vessel. Coatings for primary containment serve to either protect concrete, add strength, or ESD (electrostatic dissipative) qualities to an above ground storage tank.

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment is the protection of the environment and personnel external to the primary container. It serves as a backup containment reservoir if the primary container leaks.

With 20+ years of experience, we have installed primary and secondary containment coatings for every industry and application imaginable. Our reputation as a commercial/industrial coatings installer is often described as fast, precise, knowledgeable, versatile, and super-ridiculously awesome (not necessarily in that order and yes, we just tooted our own horn).

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