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Consurco Concrete Surface Technologies

Quality Concrete Surface Solutions

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services, including concrete condition assessment, engineering support, floor coatings, polished concrete, wall systems, repair/restoration, and structural waterproofing. Above all, we take pride in not just meeting, but surpassing your expectations.

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We prioritize protecting concrete surfaces to ensure their longevity and durability. Through advanced techniques, we create a strong barrier that shields against wear, tear, and environmental damage. Our protective solutions offer peace of mind, safeguarding your investment for years to come.


We specialize in enhancing concrete surfaces to elevate both their appearance and functionality. Our expert team combines skill and creativity to add texture, strength, flexibility, color, and shine, turning dull spaces into durable vibrant showcases that leave a lasting impression.


When concrete surfaces show signs of deterioration or damage, our restoration services come to the rescue. Through repair and restoration techniques, we breathe new life into concrete wall and floor surfaces. From patching up cracks to resurfacing damaged and worn areas, we strive to revitalize surfaces, restoring them to their former glory and functionality.

We Deliver High Quality, Lasting Results

Unlike many industrial and commercial flooring contractors, we stand out by offering a comprehensive range of concrete-related services. Among the select few that do, we lead in experience, meticulous attention to detail, rapid responsiveness, and delivering the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Our Promise in Action
With our business development and field leadership boasting over two decades of expertise, we excel in installing specialty flooring systems for a diverse range of applications across countless industries.

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    Solution Provider

    We work with your team as early as the design phase to bring innovative solutions and processes to market.

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    We have high standards and an excellent safety record. We are fully bonded with comprehensive insurance.

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    High Quality Performance

    With quality, certified and trained personnel/expertise, we are always the high-quality performance guarantee provider.

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We’re Ready to Serve Your Industry

Whether you're planning or starting a new construction project or revitalizing an existing facility, we possess the expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and extensive licensing to accelerate your venture. Our specialization lies in the art of concrete polishing, as well as the application of advanced resinous flooring technologies like epoxy, urethane cement, and MMA, along with structural support in both commercial and industrial settings.

With offices strategically located in Boise, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, our dedicated teams are primed to swiftly mobilize to your site. Reach out to us for a project consultation, and we'll demonstrate why we're unparalleled in our field. Plus, the first round of drinks is on us!


Frequently Asked Concrete Questions

  • What sets Consurco apart in the world of concrete coating and polishing?

  • What types of concrete projects is Consurco best known for?

  • Can Consurco handle large scale projects, such as industrial flooring installations or warehouse renovations?

  • At what point in the project process should I contact CONSURCO?

  • What can I expect?

What sets Consurco apart in the world of concrete coating and polishing?

Discover how our innovative techniques and commitment to excellence make us a standout choice for transforming concrete surfaces.

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What types of concrete projects is Consurco best known for?

Explore our expertise in concrete repair/restoration, waterproofing, fluid-applied flooring, epoxy/urethane systems, polished concrete and more – all designed to meet the specific needs of your projects.

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Can Consurco handle large scale projects, such as industrial flooring installations or warehouse renovations?

Yes, we have extensive experience in managing and executing large scale projects. Our team is equipped to handle projects of various sizes and complexities.

At What Point in the Project Process Should I Contact Consurco?

Contact Consurco at the planning stage of your project to ensure a thorough assessment and timely scheduling of their specialized services.

What Can I Expect From Working With Consurco?

You can expect professional service, a detailed assessment of your project's needs, and a clear explanation of the process and timeline.

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If you are looking for an experienced, detail orientated, fast responding team, contact us through our form or call us today.

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