Commercial Restaurant & Bar Concrete Floors & Coatings

Running a restaurant or bar isn’t just about serving great food and drinks; it’s also about creating the right atmosphere and ensuring everything runs smoothly, starting from the ground up—literally. That's where Consurco comes in. We understand that the flooring in a commercial setting like yours needs to be tough, safe, and easy on the eyes. Our extensive range of services, from polished concrete to specialized epoxy coatings, ensures durability, safety, and a visually appealing environment that enhances the overall dining experience.

Workplace Challenges in Restaurants & Bars

Running a restaurant or bar presents a unique set of challenges that directly impact the choice of flooring. These venues not only need to maintain an appealing aesthetic but also require surfaces that can handle intense daily operations. From the relentless wear and tear of high foot traffic to the constant threat of spills and stains, the flooring must be robust, safe, and easy to maintain. Understanding these challenges is crucial in selecting a flooring solution that ensures both functionality and durability, while contributing positively to the overall atmosphere of the establishment.

  • Heavy Foot Traffic

  • Stains & Spills

  • Durability & Maintenance

  • Safety

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Heavy Foot Traffic

Restaurants and bars experience continuous foot traffic from patrons and staff, leading to significant wear and tear on flooring surfaces. The flooring must withstand heavy loads without showing signs of deterioration.

Stains & Spills

Food and beverage spills are inevitable in restaurant and bar settings, posing challenges for maintaining cleanliness and preventing stains. Flooring solutions should be resistant to stains and easy to clean to uphold hygiene standards.

Durability & Maintenance

With long operating hours and tight schedules, flooring systems should be durable and require minimal maintenance to avoid disruptions to business operations and minimize downtime.


Preventing slips and falls is paramount in areas where spills are common. Slip-resistant coatings are essential to ensure the safety of patrons and staff, especially in areas prone to wet conditions.

Aesthetic Appeal

The appearance of the flooring contributes significantly to the overall ambiance and branding of restaurants and bars. A visually appealing and well-maintained floor enhances the dining and social experience for patrons.

Restaurant and Bar Concrete Coatings

At Consurco, we offer a specialized selection of concrete coatings designed to meet the unique needs of restaurants and bars. Understanding that these venues require not only aesthetic appeal but also durability and safety, we have curated a range of solutions that address these demands. From epoxy to polyurethane, each option is formulated to withstand the specific challenges these bustling environments face, such as high traffic, frequent spills, and rigorous cleaning routines.

Epoxy Coatings: Great for areas with lots of foot traffic. They’re tough, they resist chemicals, and they look sharp.

Cementitious Urethane: This stuff is really tough and handles temperature changes like a champ—perfect for kitchens or any place with hot equipment around.

Polyurethane and Polyaspartic Coatings: Both are super durable and look great; plus, they cure fast, so we can get in and out without too much disruption to your business.

Waterproofing and Moisture Mitigation: These keep your floors from water damage, which is crucial for areas prone to spills.

High-build Coatings: Think of these as your floor’s armor; they're thick and protect against pretty much everything—perfect for high-traffic areas.

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Coatings: When you need a quick fix, these are your go-to. They cure super fast, so your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Key Features of Industrial Concrete Coatings:

  • Slip Resistance
  • Safety Striping
  • Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Durability Against Heavy Equipment and Foot Traffic
  • Seamless Floor & Wall Systems
  • Exceptional Durability & Longevity
  • Rapid Return to Service
  • Chemical and Acid Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Wide Range of Decorative Options!
  • 09 00 00 Fluid Applied Floor Coatings
  • 09 77 00 Special Wall Coatings
  • 03 00 00 Concrete Rehabilitation & Polish/Grind
  • 07 00 00 Thermal/Moisture Protection & Joints

Tailored Flooring Solutions for Restaurants & Bars

Understanding that every restaurant and bar has its own set of unique demands, at Consurco, we begin each project with a thorough consultation. This initial step allows us to deeply understand your venue’s specific operational requirements, regulatory standards, equipment needs, hygiene protocols, and the overall environmental conditions. We recognize that each element is crucial in crafting a flooring solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Following the consultation, our team carries out a detailed concrete condition assessment. This evaluation covers existing conditions, substrate integrity, traffic patterns, and cleaning protocols, as well as any particular challenges that are unique to your facility. This thorough understanding of your venue’s specifics is vital in developing a perfectly tailored flooring plan.

Based on the insights gathered, we leverage our extensive expertise and industry knowledge to recommend customized flooring solutions. Our proposals are specifically designed to address the unique aspects of your operations, ensuring that the chosen solution aligns perfectly with your business needs. Whether it’s enhancing durability, improving safety, or simply boosting aesthetic appeal, our recommendations are tailored to optimize every aspect of your venue's flooring.

Installation planning is a critical component of our service. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your daily operations while guaranteeing a seamless and efficient installation process. We meticulously plan every detail, from scheduling and surface preparation to material procurement and the adherence to all necessary regulatory compliance measures throughout the installation. This careful planning ensures that the installation is not only efficient but also up to the highest standards.

Once installation is complete, we don’t just walk away. Consurco provides comprehensive post-installation support and maintenance advice. We equip your team with the necessary knowledge and protocols to properly care for your new floor, maximizing its longevity and performance. This ongoing support ensures that your investment continues to deliver value long after the installation is finished, keeping your floors in peak condition to withstand the daily rigors of restaurant and bar environments.

What Are the Top Coating Systems and Advantages for Commercial Restaurants and Bars?

Choosing the right flooring solution for a restaurant or bar is important, not just for the aesthetics but for the longevity and functionality of the space. At Consurco, we've tailored our coating systems to meet the diverse needs of these high-traffic environments. Our selections include a variety of high-performance options, each with specific benefits designed to enhance every aspect of your commercial space. From epoxy to urethane, and more innovative solutions, we detail the advantages of each coating below, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your operational requirements and aesthetic desires.

  • Epoxy Coatings

  • Cementitious Urethane

  • Urethane Coatings

  • Other Coating Materials (Polyaspartic, MMA, etc.)

Epoxy Coatings

Exceptional Durability: Epoxy coatings provide a robust and long-lasting flooring solution, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and frequent cleaning.

Chemical Resistance: Epoxy coatings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals commonly found in commercial kitchens and bars, protecting the underlying substrate from damage.

Seamless Finish: Epoxy coatings create a seamless surface, preventing dirt and bacteria buildup in grout lines, ensuring a hygienic environment.

Customizable Designs: Epoxy coatings offer versatility in design options, including color choices, patterns, and textures, allowing for customization to match the aesthetic of the establishment.

Cementitious Urethane

Thermal Shock Resistance: Cement urethane coatings can withstand rapid temperature changes, making them suitable for areas with hot cooking equipment or frequent steam cleaning.

Impact Resistance: Cement urethane coatings provide excellent impact resistance, protecting the floor from damage caused by dropped utensils or heavy kitchen equipment.

Moisture Tolerance: Cement urethane coatings are highly resistant to moisture, making them ideal for areas prone to spills or high humidity levels.

Low Odor: Cement urethane coatings emit minimal odor during installation, ensuring a comfortable environment for patrons and staff.

Urethane Coatings

High Chemical Resistance: Urethane coatings offer superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including oils, grease, and cleaning agents commonly found in commercial kitchens and bars.

UV Stability: Urethane coatings are UV stable, preventing yellowing or discoloration when exposed to sunlight through windows or skylights.

Abrasion Resistance: Urethane coatings provide excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring the floor maintains its appearance and durability even in high-traffic areas.

Quick Cure Time: Urethane coatings have a fast cure time, minimizing downtime during installation and allowing for rapid return to service, minimizing disruptions to business operations.

Other Coating Materials (Polyaspartic, MMA, etc.)

Rapid Cure Time: Some coating materials like polyaspartic offer rapid cure times, allowing for quick installation and minimal downtime for the restaurant or bar.

Anti-Slip Properties: Many coating materials can be formulated with anti-slip additives to enhance traction and prevent slips and falls in wet or greasy conditions.

Ease of Maintenance: Coating materials are often easy to clean and maintain, reducing the time and effort required for routine upkeep of the flooring surface.

Aesthetic Options: Various coating materials offer a wide range of aesthetic options, including color choices, gloss levels, and decorative effects, allowing for customization to suit the design preferences of the establishment.

Essential Elements of our Coating System Installation

At Consurco, we recognize that the foundation of a successful flooring installation lies in meticulous preparation and precise execution. Our approach to installing coating systems is designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your restaurant or bar's flooring. We focus on every critical element of the installation process, from preparing the concrete surface to creating the ideal coating environment. Here, we outline the key steps and considerations that underpin our commitment to delivering a superior finish, ensuring that your new floor meets both functional needs and aesthetic expectations.

  • Concrete Surface Profile (CSP)

  • The Right Coating Environment

  • The Right Coating System

  • Our “Done Right the First Time” Promise

Concrete Surface Profile (CSP)

Achieving the perfect concrete surface profile (CSP) is crucial for the adherence and longevity of any coating system. At Consurco, we employ a range of cutting-edge equipment to prepare your floor’s surface to the exact specifications required for optimal coating bonding. From planetary floor grinders to industrial shot blasters and scarifiers, our thorough preparation techniques ensure that the concrete substrate is ideally prepped. This preparation allows the chosen coating to bond effectively, providing a durable, long-lasting finish that stands up to the daily demands of a bustling restaurant or bar environment.

The Right Coating Environment

Creating the ideal environment for coating application is pivotal to the success of any flooring project. At Consurco, we meticulously manage the installation conditions to ensure they are optimal for the specific coatings being applied.

This involves controlling the ambient and surface temperatures and maintaining consistent humidity levels throughout the installation and curing process. By managing these environmental factors, we prevent potential issues such as improper curing or adhesion failures, ensuring a flawless finish and extended durability of your restaurant or bar’s new flooring.

The Right Coating System

Selecting the appropriate coating system is essential to meet the specific needs of your facility. At Consurco, we provide expert guidance to ensure that the chosen system not only suits your operational requirements but also enhances your space aesthetically. Whether it’s handling heavy foot traffic, resisting chemical spills, or ensuring easy maintenance, our tailored solutions consider all relevant environmental factors. Our team works closely with you to determine the best options, ensuring that the coating system installed offers maximum performance, durability, and visual appeal for your restaurant or bar.

Our “Done Right the First Time” Promise

At Consurco, our commitment to excellence is underscored by our "Done Right the First Time" promise. We pride ourselves on the skill and expertise of our coating technicians, who are among the best-trained in the industry.

With a track record of successfully installing millions of square feet of various coating systems across diverse environments, our team is proficient not just in application but also in ensuring that every detail is meticulously executed. We proactively address any jobsite challenges, ensuring a seamless installation process and delivering a flawless finish every time. This dedication allows us to guarantee that once we complete your project, it will meet all your expectations without the need for costly do-overs.

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