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Concrete Floors & Walls In Power Plants

Our nation put tremendous demands on our power infrastructure. The various power producing industries of Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Solar, Coal, and Nuclear put tremendous demands on their concrete floors and walls. Our teams of background checked and clearance compliant installers meet that demand with a full-range of concrete coating solutions.

Our experienced teams install concrete coatings specific to each industry. We can expedite repair, structural support, and waterproofing of any concrete regardless of whether it’s a government or privately owned power generating facility.

Floor & Wall Characteristics
Waterproof/Moisture Mitigation Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance
Rapid Return to Service Seamless Flooring
Moisture Tolerant Exceptional Durability/Longevity
Abrasion Resistance Slip Resistance
  • 09 00 00 Fluid Applied Floor Coatings
  • 09 77 00 Special Wall Coatings
  • 03 00 00 Concrete Rehabilitation and Polish/Grind
  • 07 00 00 Thermal/Moisture Protection and Joints

Facility Types

  • Coal/Fossil Fuel
  • Hydroelectric dams
  • Geothermal facilities
  • Nuclear Power
  • Solar power bases
  • Substations
  • Wind Turbines Farms
  • Transmission Depots

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