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At our company, we have achieved remarkable success in servicing a diverse range of markets with our expertise in commercial flooring solutions. Specializing in the protection, enhancement, and restoration of concrete floors, we offer a comprehensive array of flooring solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our commitment to quality and innovation enables us to serve a broad spectrum of markets, from industrial facilities to retail spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and more.

With our versatile range of flooring options and our dedication to excellence, we consistently deliver outstanding results that exceed our clients' expectations across diverse sectors.

  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Industrial


    At Consurco, we specialize in providing top-tier industrial concrete coating systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial facilities.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Commercial


    Running a restaurant or bar isn’t just about serving great food and drinks; it’s also about creating the right atmosphere and ensuring everything runs smoothly, starting from the ground up—literally.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Healthcare

    Health Care

    Consurco is at the forefront of delivering specialized flooring solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, where creating and maintaining hygienic environments is critical.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Educational2


    At Consurco, we've dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of creating top-tier flooring systems that cater specifically to educational environments' diverse and demanding needs.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Manufacturing


    Our comprehensive range of coating systems is designed to tackle manufacturing facilities' unique challenges.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Pharmaceutical


    We understand that flooring in pharmaceutical and healthcare environments must meet exceptionally high hygiene, safety, and durability standards.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Food-Beveragel

    Food + Beverage

    Consurco is at the forefront of providing specialized flooring solutions designed to meet the unique and demanding environments of food and beverage processing facilities.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Aviation

    Aviation + Transportation

    In the rugged environments of aviation and transportation, the right floor coating does more than just cover a surface. It ensures operational efficiency, safety, and durability against the demands of tires, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, and many other forms of daily abuse.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Storage_Distribution2

    Storage + Distribution

    CONSURCO specializes in installing seamless concrete floor and wall systems that provide long-lasting protection...

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Federal_Municiple2

    Federal, State, & Municipal

    For government facilities, the key to a practical, secure, and visually appealing setting starts with the right concrete flooring.

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Mission-Critical_datacenter

    Mission Critical

    The concrete floors and walls of data centers and server rooms need to account for temperature...

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Sports_Entertainment

    Sports + Entertainment

    Architects, board members, and facility owners spend countless hours reviewing plans to ensure every aesthetic detail...

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Mining-Floor

    Mining + Mineral

    Facility engineers, we understand you. Chances are, you have been tasked with figuring out whether you need to repair...

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Power


    Our nation put tremendous demands on our power infrastructure. The various power producing industries of Wind...

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  • CONSURCO-Concrete-Surface-Coatings_Paper_Pulpl

    Pulp + Paper

    Concrete floors and walls in paper mills face extreme conditions, including intense temperature fluctuations, impacts, abrasions, and exposure to stains, dyes, and harsh chemicals.

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